Mattress Disposal


A mattress undeniable takes up the most square footage in any bedroom. If you were planning on moving or merely trying to replace your old mattress, junk removal experts can provide mattress removal services. After eight years of using a bed, a mattress can double in weight due to dead skin cells and dust accumulating within the mattress. This can make removing a bed extremely difficult if you aren't prepared for the sudden weight change. Not only will we properly dispose of any mattress you ask us to remove. We will also either get rid of the bed in the best way you think.

Mattress Recycling

Beds are some of the bulkiest pieces of furniture you will find in any home. Thankfully most beds have a lifespan of over ten years, so you don't have to think about getting rid of one often. Although when the time to dispose of one comes around, it can turn into a chore many people often dread. Lucky for you though a mattress contains many materials recyclers find valuable. If you were looking to not only dispose of a bed but also find a better use for the old thing. Consider recycling your old mattress once it has outlived its purpose in your home.

Mattress Donations

Disposing of a mattress may only come around every decade or so, but it can be a task not very many people look forward too. Not only can removing a mattress from your home be difficult but disposing of a bed can also prove to be a headache. If you believe your mattress is still in good shape, why not consider donating your mattress to those in need instead? Many charities and organizations graciously accept any mattress donations you may send their way. After having your mattress removed by junk removal experts consider donating your bed instead of throwing it into a landfill somewhere.


About every ten years or so is when its time to replace the current mattress you are using. When its time to replace your mattress, focus most of your time looking for a new mattress to enjoy. Leave the chore of removing and disposing of the bed to the junk removal experts. With our mattress disposal services, we can remove any bed from any room in a matter of hours. While you are out purchasing your new bed, you will be enjoying for the next ten years. We will be at your residents disposing of your old mattress so that you can have room for the new one.


Whether you are moving across the country or across county lines, next time you are moving and leaving your old mattress behind. Save yourself the time and contact junk removal professionals to get rid of your old furniture for you. For single individuals, we know how hard it can be to plan a move; that's why our specialists focus on the heavy lifting. Like disposing of your unwanted mattresses and junk so you can focus more time on making sure your move goes as smooth as possible.


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