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Junk removal is the process of removing any unwanted furniture or debris from any home or building. If you are left with an untimely estate cleaning or are just looking to remove old furniture. The professionals at Junk Removal Spokane can help you get the job done. Not only does junk removal get rid of any unwanted furnishings, but it also disposes of them properly, so you don't have too.

Please do not underestimate the benefits of junk removal, not only can it save the average consumer money. It also saves you valuable time you otherwise would have spent cleaning instead.

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If you ever thought to yourself, I wonder if there are junk hauling services in the area, then look no further than our experts. Over the years the professionals at Junk Removal Spokane has been setting the bar for junk removal services in the Spokane area. We work to deliver not only quality and quick services, but we also try to provide an efficient means of removing all your unwanted furniture. Next time you are looking for a way to remove all your unwanted belongings, consider hiring junk removal experts for all your apartment and estate cleanout needs!


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Junk Removal

At Junk Removal Spokane, we pride ourselves on our variety of different services we offer. From estate cleanouts to the occasional hot tub removal, we can take care of any unwanted junk or debris occupying your property. If you were looking to recycle or dispose of any undesirable mattress or furniture, we could get rid of any furnishings you may throw our way.  We gladly offer our services to any individuals seeking junk removal services in the Spokane area. Our team trained professionals are willing to adapt to the needs and environment of any given situation.

Junk Removal
Estate Cleanout
Apartment Cleanout

Junk Removal  

Junk Removal services are precisely what they sound like; they are services that can remove anything you want from your property. If you consider your old clothes and stuff junk, then merely call up our professionals, and we will have experts on sight to provide immediate assistance. Anything can be considered junk if you find that your home is being overwhelmed with an excess amount of debris. Junk removal services could offer the free space you were looking to find.

Estate Cleanout

Estate cleanouts happen far too often, and they also happen very unexpectedly. With estate cleanout services, professionals can come in and remove all the furnishings for you. They allow you the time necessary to process your newfound situation and with help with the stress of having to deal with the former resident's belongings. Give yourself time to grieve and let junk removal professionals handle the rest that needs to be done.

Apartment Cleanout

Apartments can be some of the most challenging buildings to cleanout. The oddly shaped rooms and doorways and floors of endless stairs can make moving more complicated than it needs to be. With apartment cleanout services, professionals can come in a remove anything you need for you. Have unwanted furniture or mattresses you're looking to get rid of, no problem our professionals can help take care of that for you. With apartment cleanouts save yourself the time and hassle and have someone else clean out your apartment for you.

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Mattress Disposal
Furniture Removal
Hot Tub Removal

Mattress Disposal  

If you have spent years sleeping on top of your current mattress, it might be time to get a new one. A cumbersome mattress can be challenging to get rid of, but with disposal services. You can have any bed removed from your home and correctly disposed of, so it won't cause any harm to the environment.

Furniture Removal   

Are old couches or end tables crowding the space in your home? If so, contact junk removal experts to get rid of furniture for you. We offer a variety of specialized removal services; furniture removal is one of them. Furniture can take up the most space in your home if you ever want to free up some space. Have junk removal professionals come out and dispose of any furniture you don't think you'll need for you so that you can free up living space.

Hot Tub Removal

They are complicated to install and are even harder to remover. With our hot tub removal services, you never need to worry about removing all those pipes and fixtures connected to your hot tub. After contacting us expect a team of trained professionals to arrive on the scene and remove any hot tubs or Jacuzzis you longer want. Freeing up space and time so you can do the things you desire.

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Are you interested in contacting us for our junk removal services? If so, we invite any potential customers to browse our website for a list of our different services. We guarantee that if it involves junk removal, we probably have a service that can help you. If you were looking to contact us immediately, go to our website and fill out a contact form. One of the trained professionals will get back to you as soon as possible.

"My aunt recently passed away and left me her estate, and I was left clueless about what to do. Still mourning and restless to get everything out of her former home. I contacted the professionals at Junk Removal Spokane, and they took care of the rest for me. They took care of everything, and I was able to rest easy, knowing everything was going to be ok. Thank you, Junk Removal Spokane, for everything!" -Susie Q.

"Many years ago, my husband thought it would be a good idea to be a hot tub. It was at first, but after a couple of kids and a few graduations, it had been years since we had last used it. We procrastinated getting rid of it because we thought it would be a big hassle just like the installation. However, thanks to Junk Removal Spokane, we were able to enjoy our new space in our backyard the following day after calling." -Jenna M.

"I recently moved across the country a few weeks ago. The move was a huge hassle, especially when I got down to things, I didn't want to take with me to my new home. That is until I called Junk Removal Spokane, from my spare bedroom mattress to everything that was gathering dust in the garage. They quickly and effortlessly removed everything before I closed on the house. I would recommend Junk Removal Spokane to anyone looking for Junk Removal services in the area." -Jose G.