Hot Tub Removal


Hot tubs often are considered the height of luxury when it comes to lawn furniture. However, even hot tubs can outstay their welcome once their use has been served. Don't try removing a hot tub yourself, with all the plumbing and fixtures that had to be installed to get it up and running. You will be spending days trying to figure out how to take it apart, and once everything is done, you will only be left with a mess behind. Save yourself the trouble and contact a junk removal expert for professional hot tub removal services instead and save yourself some time and money.

Hot Tub Recycling

If you were looking to make a little cash back from your hot tub investment, consider recycling it for parts instead. With hot tub recycling not only will a junk removal professional remove any unwanted fixtures for you. They will also dispose of them in the best way you see fit. In some hot tubs and spas, prices can go up to 1,000 dollars for parts! This might not always be the case, but any money back is a return; not many purchases can give you. Save yourself some time and make a little money back in the process, by having your old hot tub removed and recycled.


Although they may sound similar at first, there are a few subtle differences between hot tubs and Jacuzzis. They are necessarily the same thing, and they are both large tubs of hot water that are both used to relax or entertain. The main difference is that Jacuzzis are a specific brand of hot tubs, that has remained the most well-known brand. So when you hear hot tub removals, you can guarantee we can remove Jacuzzis as well. Most name brands come with their methods of installations and brand name parts. Luckily our junk removal professionals are familiar with these parts, and can quickly and easily dismantle of any Jacuzzi with ease.

Hot Tub Covers

Along with hot tub removals, we can also dispose of any hot tub covers or awnings as well. We consider the cover as a part of the central hot tub unit, so you can expect us to bring it along with us when we are disposing of your hot tub.  If you were looking to have a hot tub removed from your home, consider our junk removal experts to have all your former equipment removed.

Backyard Spa’s

Not only are hot tubs called by name, but many units can often be referred to as spa units as well. These spa units often have additional jets or accessories attached to a hot tub that can perform a variety of different spa functions. Although these hot tub units may seem difficult at first, our team of trained junk removal professionals can remove any old spa unit effortlessly. Don't bother detaching and disposing of your old hot tub yourself. Have someone else do it for you, so you can sit back and relax. Find out much more details about us.


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